Title: Making time for indie development: 5 Tips!
Author: DevDuck
Date: 06.06.2020

Key Takeaways

  • Use a suppport to track ideas and tasks
  • Capture ideas all the time (with said support)
  • Convert idle time into productivity (driving, traveling, etc.)
    • Use time to brainstorm
    • Avoid wasting time while in front of the computer looking for ideas and things to tackle in your project
  • Consult your calendar before committing to work
    • Scope and plan your tasks across the day/week
  • Avoid having "zero" days
    • Disconnecting from the project for 1-2-3 days will make it difficult to come back
    • Even doing passive thinking on days where you're not feeling like working will move things ahead
    • Keep engaged with the project mentally
  • Bonus: Start small and be realistic in order to complete the project