I'm André and this is my home on the internet.

By day I'm a consultant working for one of the so called Big4s. I enjoy my work every day. Although work is an important part of my life, it does not define me. I enjoy reading (tons), daydreaming (a bit) and acquiring new knowledge that I store on my second brain for later recall. Also, I spend a lot of time thinking about productivity and efficiency.


Creating something has always been one of my most desired lifetime achievements to complete. When thinking about what can one produce, most people (nowadays anyway) think about YouTube, Twitter, Blog posts, etc....well this is mostly valid for digital creations.

I'm no good at writing or producing videos and, yes, there's more to it than just those two categories. I've decided to create something that I would like to use and will give me a sense of achievement (Maslow - 5th level).

I've settled on two projects:

  • Create a software service: Coinlog
  • Create a hardware device: not ready for public display yet

Don't ask about deadlines for availability, there's none. Check here from time to time or bookmark the links to the projects.

(Other) Lifetime achievements to complete

  • Type fast(er)
  • Read more books (an audiobook is not a book, come on)
  • "I'll be in your care" - those who know will understand